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English-Hindi > dwelling place

dwelling place meaning in Hindi

dwelling place sentence in Hindi

निवास स्थान
वास स्थान
dwelling    घर निवास-स्थान
place    मुक़ाम इलाक़ा
1.They are also known as single room dwelling places or studio flats.

2.These are samplers embroidered " New England Is My Dwelling Place ."

3.In this Mythology the site regarded as the dwelling place of Tlaloc.

4.Today he is gene SLC6A4, whose specific Olympian dwelling place is chromosome 17q12.

5.Demogorge reverted to Atum and returned to his dwelling place in the sun.

6.They have no fixed dwelling place, but move from one akhda to another.

7.Childbirth is considered impure, and must occur outside the dwelling place.

8.Permission was given to expand the friar's dwelling place in 1349.

9.Templa also became associated with the dwelling places of a god or gods.

10.Hence, " Hooton Pagnell "-" The High Dwelling Place of the Paynels ':

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