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English-Hindi > dye marker

dye marker meaning in Hindi

dye marker sentence in Hindi

रंग चिहनक
dye    रंजक रंग करना रंग
marker    चिह्नक अंकक अंकन
1.The vests came equipped with dye markers and flares.

2.Each Japanese ship used a different color of dye marker so they could spot their own shells.

3.In addition, 4, 080 American troops have been involved in the air-supported anti-infiltration part of Dye Marker.

4.Caine " instead drops a yellow dye marker to mark the spot, and hastily leaves the battle area.

5.The rodents were anesthetized and injected with dye markers as part of a study on how muscles develop in weightlessness.

6.The plane marks the iceberg with a red dye marker and then returns to its base to report the discovery.

7.The project was then renamed as " Illinois City " and in September it was called " Project Dye Marker ".

8.Crude by comparison, the Japanese used optical range finders aided by splash color dye markers in each shell, color-coded to the firing ship.

9.Differently colored dye markers were sometimes included with large shells so individual guns, or individual ships in formation, could distinguish their shell splashes during daylight.

10.After " Parker " and the aircraft had left the area, " Underhill "'s lookouts spotted green dye marker and a ration can floating in the water.

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