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English-Hindi > each way

each way meaning in Hindi

each way sentence in Hindi
• हर तरफ से
• हर तरफ से लगाया गया
each    प्रति प्रत्येक हर
way    अयन मार्ग उन्नति
1.A car and driver from Caracas costs around $ 125 each way.

2.All told, the trip typically took more than three hours each way.

3.The round trip cost $ 55 and took 45 minutes each way.

4.Travel time takes around 15 minutes each way on a usual day.

5.So at least one hour is added each way . . ..

6.Adult fares are $ 10 each way or $ 17 round trip.

7.The shortest route up and down takes about 20 minutes each way.

8.A trip to Mars would take six to eight months each way.

9.Book by Wednesday before the price rises to $ 119 each way.

10.Now Easterbrook commutes 90 minutes each way and his wife 45 minutes.

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