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English-Hindi > ear canal

ear canal meaning in Hindi

ear canal sentence in Hindi
कर्ण नलिका
ear    बालीधान की कान
canal    नहर नाला नाली
1.The device sends 44 different sonar frequencies down the ear canal.

2.The smallest aids are those that fit in the ear canal.

3.The ear canal ends at the external surface of the eardrum.

4.Dogs also have numerous apocrine glands in their external ear canals.

5.Without treatment it can lead to narrowing of the ear canal.

6.His phonautograph was constructed as an ear canal, eardrum and ossicles.

7.The ear canal amplifies sounds that are between 3 and 12 kHz.

8.Aspergillosis of the ear canal causes itching and occasionally pain.

9.This shows the infection has spread beyond the ear canal.

10.Rotate the animal's head gently and look into the ear canal.

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