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English-Hindi > ear defender

ear defender meaning in Hindi

ear defender sentence in Hindi

कर्ण रक्षी
ear    बालीधान की कान
defender    समर्थक प्रतिरक्षक
1.As such, he has to wear ear defenders / protecters.

2.Ear defenders protect the wearer from extreme noises.

3.However, these ear defenders press heavily on the bones next to his ear.

4.Personal protective equipment includes such items as gloves, safety glasses, ear defenders and biohazard suits.

5.Does anybody know of any types if ear defenders / protectors which would work well with spectacles.

6.The company also produces personal protective equipment, such as facial protection, ear defenders and cold weather equipment.

7.Her trials were conducted initially in British coastal waters, where the sonar operators found that their new equipment was very loud and required the use of ear defenders.

8.Rather than resort to wearing wax ear plugs ( which attenuated too much, some of the frequency I wanted to hear ) I stood on stage with ear defenders.

9.Some ear defenders employ active sound protection, in which a microphone mounted in the headset picks up ambient sounds and transmits them through a dynamic range compression circuit to earphones inside.

10.:: Check out what foundry workers wear-combined ear defenders and glasses . failing that, the foam ear inserts that are commonly used int he food procesing industries are pretty effective.

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