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English-Hindi > ear drop

ear drop meaning in Hindi

ear drop sentence in Hindi

• कर्णबिंदु
ear    बालीधान की कान
drop    विंदु उतार मीठी
1.Ear drops are taboo-- Light current 18 : 33, 22 August 2006 ( UTC)

2.The parents were also given pain medications, including ear drops.

3.Ear drops are the mainstays of treatment for external otitis.

4.Treatments for the infection generally include antibiotic ear drops, heat, and pain relieving drugs.

5.The drug is the first new antibiotic ear drop to be developed in over 20 years.

6.Effective medications include ear drops containing antibiotics to fight infection, and corticosteroids to reduce itching and inflammation.

7.The Floxin drops also caused less discomfort than generally found with ear drops for the condition, the studies showed.

8.Initial softening of mass with sodium bicarbonate / glycerine solution ear drops daily followed by syringing should be tried.

9.Previous research included pills, suppositories, eye and ear drops and even talk of creating a marijuana vapor, said St . Pierre.

10.The antibiotic ear drops will be co-marketed with Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Products division under the Daiichi name, Daiichi said.

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