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English-Hindi > ear drum

ear drum meaning in Hindi

ear drum sentence in Hindi

• कर्ण पटह
ear    बालीधान की कान
drum    ढोल नली पीपा बेलन
1.The explosion of noise battered the ear drums and shook the stadium.

2.During his medical, he was found to have two perforated ear drums.

3.The main effect is to cause intense pain in the ear drums.

4.In addition, Leiopelma lack external ear drums and produce only limited vocalizations.

5.If so, he or she may have a perforated ear drum.

6.In the fight, Quarry hit Orbillo so hard he ruptured both ear drums.

7.The noise of the blast destroyed her right ear drum.

8.George Wilson, president of the Ear Drum company, adopted the ads and his sales increased.

9.The vibration of the air makes your ear drum vibrate, which is how you hear.

10.Will tubes damage the child's ear drums or cause problems that might require other operations?

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