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English-Hindi > ear plug

ear plug meaning in Hindi

ear plug sentence in Hindi

• कर्ण डाट
• कर्ण प्लग
ear    बालीधान की कान
plug    आलूचा अनुकूल
1.They often use hard hats, ear plugs, eye guards and back braces.

2.How about the audience with ear plugs, who only hear the text?

3.They could also wear ear plugs, if they needed more protection.

4.Patrons are offered the kind of ear plugs commonly worn in rock clubs.

5.You want ear plugs ? " she asks with a grin.

6.EarPlanes are small, plastic, corkscrew-like ear plugs with a small hole in them.

7.If that doesn't work, " ear plugs, definitely, " Kassegn insists.

8.Every time I put ear plugs in my ears, I hear them ringing.

9.Smith nervously put on a thin yellow poncho, ear plugs, goggles.

10.It was real frustrating for the whole time because of those ear plugs.

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