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English-Hindi > early closing

early closing meaning in Hindi

early closing sentence in Hindi
• दोपहर बंद
early    सवेरे समय पर जल्दी
closing    समाप्ति ख़तम बंद
1.However, discussion so far is pointing towards an early close.

2.Some utility analysts said a possible sale or early closing made sense.

3.It also recommended an early close for Friday, Nov . 28.

4.Billy Boat was the main beneficiary of the early closing.

5.Many believe an early close adds to investor anxiety.

6.A calamitous six wickets fell between tea and an early close on Monday.

7.Morgan was emphatic that an early close of the exchange would be catastrophic.

8.The outbreak of war brought the season to an early close in August.

9.The Early Closing Association was concerned with the  early closing of shops.

10.Injuries brought his season to an early close however.

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