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English-Hindi > early warning radar

early warning radar meaning in Hindi

early warning radar sentence in Hindi

• पूर्व चेतावनी रेडार
early    सवेरे समय पर जल्दी
early warning    खतरनाक स्थिति की
warning    पहले से सावधानी
warning radar    चेतावनी रेडार
radar    रडार राडार रेडार
1.The early warning radars could only cover satellites in low earth orbits.

2.Exoatmospheric explosions are also very effective against long-range early warning radars like Dnestr.

3.Zhang said the United States planned to sell early warning radar to Taiwan.

4.A high-speed, high-altitude aircraft might fly over early warning radars without being recognized.

5.Malaysia is also considering buying U . S .-made early warning radar systems.

6.Operated NORAD early warning RADAR network for United States and Canada.

7.Early warning radars that were in Latvia have been eliminated . ( agh-gm)

8.Furthermore, the ship was equipped with the latest early warning radar.

9.The early warning radar, known as Phalcon, aids in detecting and targeting enemy aircraft.

10.Valley helped design equipment for the Distant Early Warning radar line across the Arctic.

a radar that is part of an early warning system

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