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earth surface sentence in Hindi

"earth surface" meaning in Hindi
  • Where g is the acceleration due to gravity at the earths surface.
  • It takes approximately 1.26 seconds for the moonlight to hit the Earths surface.
  • Over 70 % of the Earth surface is covered by water.
  • It the temperature wildly different to the earth surface?
  • Underneath the earth surface are pools of natural gas and oil . ( Ellah 1995)
  • Solar spectrum at the Earth surface changes constantly depending on the weather and sun position.
  • It is built on a LEO and Earth surface imaging via a 3 megapixel camera.
  • Novim's second study was the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study ( BEST ), released 29 July 2012.
  • Earth surface is revisited twice a day.
  • Percentage of earth surface covered by land?
  • During that one second, the earths surface rotated maybe 400 meters ( depending on your latitude ).
  • Earth surface processes and landforms 26, 735-748.
  • Since then, SAFL has become an internationally renown leader in the study of earth surface and fluid dynamics.
  • CALET contains a subpayload CIRC ( Compact Infrared Camera ) to observe Earth surface, to detect forest fires.
  • The global warming has led to increase in mean earth surface temperature and thus melting of polar ice.
  • The journal was founded in 1976 as " "'Earth Surface Processes " "'and obtained its present name in 1981.
  • The rally will continue Sunday with six more special stages along the twisting earth surface mountain roads of Cyprus.
  • The rhizomes spread just below the earth surface and multiply quickly, contributing to its rapid spread in woodland conditions.
  • And so it is that there has always been good will between Earth Surface People and the ground squirrels.
  • The institute said the quake was located 30 miles below the earth surface, and occurred at 5 p . m.
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