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earth tide sentence in Hindi

"earth tide" meaning in Hindiearth tide in a sentence
  • The reason your weight changes is not because of the ocean tide, but because of the solid Earth tide.
  • The semi-diurnal " M " 2 Earth tides are nearly in phase with the moon with a lag of about two hours.
  • Precise astronomical angular measurements require knowledge of the Earth's rotation rate and polar motion, both of which are influenced by Earth tides.
  • Earth tides or terrestrial tides affect the entire Earth's mass, which acts similarly to a liquid gyroscope with a very thin crust.
  • According to their model, Europa's ocean tides must rise and fall some 100 feet, compared with Earth tides of about 4 to 6 feet.
  • In addition to oceanic tides, large lakes can experience small tides and even planets can experience " atmospheric tides " and " Earth tides ".
  • Twenty-some superconducting gravimeters are used worldwide for studying Earth tides, rotation, interior, and ocean and atmospheric loading, as well as for verifying the Newtonian constant of gravitation.
  • Earth tides, which raise and lower the bottom of the ocean, and the tide's own gravitational self attraction are both significant and further complicate the ocean's response to tidal forces.
  • The gravity of the Moon and Sun cause the Earth's surface at a given point to undulate by tenths of meters over a nearly 12-hour period ( see Earth tide ).
  • Incidentally, the Earth itself does get deformed as it experiences tides called " solid Earth tides, " but, as rock is so much stiffer than water, you need rather sensitive equipment to detect that phenomenon.
  • Based on a talk I attended, LIGO notices continental drift, the solid Earth tides created by the moon, and for a while they noticed tumbleweeds hitting the outside of their facility ( until more distant catch fences were erected ).
  • While the moon keeps ( almost ) the same face towards the earth at all times, and thus doesn't experience " earth tides ", it still feels a tidal force from the sun .  talk ) 16 : 10, 20 March 2006 ( UTC)
  • A leading world centre in tidal prediction ( with related interests in earth tides and storm surges ) and a leading European centre in modelling and forecasting shelf sea dynamics, it is home to the Coastal Observatory in Liverpool Bay, the National Tidal and Sea Level Facility, the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level and the British Oceanographic Data Centre.

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