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earth tremor sentence in Hindi

"earth tremor" meaning in Hindiearth tremor in a sentence
  • No wonder, since predicting earth tremors is far from an exact science.
  • Earth tremors began in February, becoming more frequent over the next two months.
  • This region has experienced geological subsidence, and earth tremors are frequent.
  • Pot hunters and earth tremors have ravaged the Southern Temple in Petra, Jordan.
  • The James Bay Project is subject to earth tremors near the hydroelectric dams.
  • That was because of a two-day labor strike and an increase in earth tremors.
  • Frequent low intensity earth tremors and occasional volcanic activity are felt throughout the islands.
  • "A few earth tremors accompanied the exhalation, which quickly subsided, " the agency said.
  • The outpouring of debris and renewed earth tremors followed a morning of relative calm.
  • Removal of ground water and accelerated cooling of rock formations can cause earth tremors.
  • When it blew up, the explosion caused earth tremors measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale.
  • So far, at least 102 houses have been destroyed in earth tremors accompanying the eruption.
  • There has also been numerous reports of earth tremors rattling through Gundagai since European settlement.
  • Earth tremors frequently cause rock falls in South Africa's mines, among the deepest in the world.
  • During his 20 years in the Bay Area, Zev has lived through many inconsequential earth tremors.
  • "She still imagines earth tremors sometimes and starts to shake, " said her friend, Yoshio Tanigawa.
  • Jason is saved from death by Gorgon who then stuns Lash with a small earth tremor.
  • He can also create earth tremors and earthquakes.
  • The result is occasional minor earth tremors.
  • I thought it was an earth tremor because it lasted for a few seconds, " he said.
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