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earth up sentence in Hindi

"earth up" meaning in Hindiearth up in a sentence
  • Rock and debris fell to Earth up to 30 kilometers from the volcano.
  • To keep the musicians synchronized, Stockhausen sent metronomic clicks from earth up to their headphones.
  • These proceeded from layers of earth up to two meters thick, which are still visible today.
  • Such features exist on the Moon, Mars, and Venus, but had not been seen on Earth up to that time.
  • The temple was constructed by burying completed portions in inclined layers of earth up which heavy pieces of stone were dragged.
  • It is commonly use in small farms or in ridges or rows of vegetables to hoewing or earth up the weeds.
  • The clumping of the continents at the South Pole about 600 million years ago could have tipped the Earth up, he said.
  • "The earth up here has its own smell, " says Lisa Savard, who, with her husband, Tim, guides flyfishermen from novice to expert.
  • The entire belt of walls surrounding the town and the exterior plain was filled with earth up to the top of the fortifications.
  • The revolutionary design also entailed berming the earth up to the window sills to conserve energy needed for heating and cooling the building.
  • The tower is 5.7 meters wide at the base and 9.4 meters tall, and filled with earth up to the level of the window.
  • While it should be obvious that putting Earth up for deletion is a joke, not every joke that is made is immediately obvious as such.
  • Fire had raced from the earth up a tree, reducing it to a charred hulk with a blaze burning at the center, 20 feet up.
  • The desperate Martians try to blow the Earth up using the D . O . D . ( Doughnut Of Destruction ), but it falls apart instead.
  • Are you saying that not warming the Earth up now will cause a worse glacial period than there would have been had there not been any humans?
  • Dividing the Earth up into the crust and other parts is no longer talking about the Earth per se, so this is getting into a different question altogether.
  • The new layer will be several inches above grade ( the ground level ), but this can be compensated for by regrading the earth up to the new level.
  • A second example would be the massive ramp built using thousands of tons of stones and beaten earth up to the invested city of Masada in the Jewish Revolt.
  • The distinctive black-and-white, mushroom-shaped radar dome atop the modified Boeing 707 has a range of 250 miles and can monitor movement from the surface of the earth up to the stratosphere, officials say.
  • The earth's fate is tied to that of the sun, which the laws of stellar evolution suggest will swell into a " red giant, " swallowing the earth up in about five billion years'time.
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