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earth wire sentence in Hindi

"earth wire" meaning in Hindiearth wire in a sentence
  • The copper strip acts as an earth wire in the substations.
  • Do you mean the earth wiring of a dwelling?
  • :: The nuetral wire and live wire connect to the Generator, the earth wire is for safety.
  • What was more worrying, Ahmad Tajuddin said, was the removal of copper strips which were " earth wires ".
  • :To save on wiring costs, the earth wire in the consumer's property is not normally connected directly to the power company's earth.
  • Other changes were to negative earth wiring and alternator, chunckier boot lock handle, internal door latch handles, and quarter light window handles.
  • :: . . . and bare earth wires are still commonly found in the UK from before the insulation regulation was enforced.
  • Devices designed for use with water, such as clothes washers and heated toilet seats, often have a separate earth wire or earth ground pin.
  • Automatic disconnection and a measure of shock protection is therefore still provided even if the earth wiring of the installation is damaged or incomplete.
  • Basic electrical equipment ( table lamps, shavers, soldering irons ) will usually work without the earth wire ( though they might not be as safe ).
  • Skeptic Ian Bryce speculated that the E-Cat was misconnected during demonstrations, and that the power attributed to fusion is supplied to the device through the earth wire.
  • You can connect all of the earth wires from both sides together ( it doesn't matter whether they are mixed up ) then join the signal wires together.
  • Wrapped cables can be applied to earth wires ( ground wires, shield wires ) on power transmission lines and to phase conductors on transmission, sub-transmission or distribution lines.
  • Dick Smith offered Rossi one million dollars to demonstrate that the E-Cat system worked as claimed, while the power through the earth wire was also being measured, which Rossi refused.
  • This is so the studio or whatever can provide a'clean'signal ground to the equipment free of the'dirty'noise going down the safety earth wire due to power supplies and the like.
  • The 2006 Auckland Blackout interrupted supply to the CBD and many inner suburbs after an earth wire shackle at Transpower's Otahuhu substation broke and short-circuited the lines supplying the inner city.
  • Inside switches, junction boxes etc, it is usual to sleeve the ground or earth wire using green / yellow pvc sleeving to prevent contact with any live conductors .-- talk ) 13 : 21, 14 January 2012 ( UTC)
  • Operation does not require a fault current to return through the earth wire in the installation; the trip will operate just as well if the return path is through plumbing, contact with the ground or any other current path.
  • If the latter, I suggest that you immediately stop testing and have the house wiring checked by a competent certified electrician, as it seems there is a discontinuity in the house's earth wiring that is hazardous to human life.
  • I had this very problem with an intermittent earth wire ( " inside " the scope case ) on a 485 Tek scope-wondered what the hell was going on !-- Light current 00 : 22, 6 September 2006 ( UTC)
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