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English-Hindi > eat like a horse

eat like a horse meaning in Hindi

eat like a horse sentence in Hindi
• बहुत ज्यादा खाना
• बहुत ज्यादा खाना
eat    भोजन गटकना चबाना
like    तुल्य रूप
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
horse    घोड़ा घोड़ा घोड़ी
1.The kid eats like a horse.

2."She eats like a horse but she must have a high metabolism, " says Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale.

3.She is a home cook of note and one of those infuriating people who eat like a horse and stay as lean as a greyhound.

4.Green recalled, " ` Whoa, I'm destroying my children because with them I quack like a duck and moo like a cow and eat like a horse . "'

5.You can turn on the radio to sports talk, and between unsolicited calls about the Rockets, a co-host on one of those miracle diet supplements that let you eat like a horse by just taking a sip before bedtime could have wasted away into Celine Dion.

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