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ecological model sentence in Hindi

"ecological model" meaning in Hindi
  • One is the cultural / ecological model developed by R . McGhee.
  • Conceptual framework : child-oriented school social work, which also utilizes modern ecological models.
  • Lorenz adopts an ecological model to attempt to grasp the mechanisms behind this contradiction.
  • It is an alternative power community and serves as the ecological model for the EarthWitness Foundation.
  • Here the species cluster takes the place of a single species in the classical ecological models.
  • Later he also integrated biology, psychology and behaviour into the model thus labeling it as the bio-ecological model.
  • This and the fact that fish replicas are available in almost unlimited numbers, makes them ideal ecological models.
  • Alternative stable states discusses a little bit about how random fluctuation can lead to different outcomes in ecological models.
  • According to the law, public lands will be privatized, the tenant Kishantos ecological model farm also came under threat.
  • The Bronfenbrenner ecological model examines human development by studying how human beings create the specific environments in which they live.
  • She specialises in ecological models that focus on spatial analysis and prediction of the habitat of plant and animal species.
  • Clear communication is essential to successful public health practice at every level of the ecological model; intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and societal.
  • In this teaching case, students learn how to use the social ecological model to identify multi-level factors that influence risk of eating disorders.
  • However, many researchers believe that species distribution models based on statistical analysis, without including ecological models and theories, are too incomplete for prediction.
  • At the core of Bronfenbrenner s ecological model is the child s biological and psychological makeup, based on individual and genetic developmental history.
  • He has also contributed to the literature on ethnoecology, arguing that traditional Northwest Coast ecological models expressed via ritual and myth non-linear system dynamics.
  • For their pioneering development and global dissemination of ecological models of lakes and wetlands, widely applied as effective tools in sustainable water resource management.
  • System, environmental, and policy changes : Using the social-ecological model as a framework for evaluating nutrition education and social marketing programs with low-income audiences.
  • "They are changing their management from an economic model to an aesthetic and ecological model, " says Warren Flick, a forest economist at the University of Georgia.
  • Although that perspective is both logical and well grounded in the social ecological model, the reality is different in most settings, and there is room for improvement everywhere.
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