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ecological pyramid sentence in Hindi

"ecological pyramid" meaning in Hindi  
  • The argument is made in terms of the ecological pyramid.
  • When an ecosystem is healthy, this graph produces a standard " ecological pyramid ".
  • Ecological pyramids place the primary producers at the base.
  • Graphic representations of the biomass or productivity at each tropic level are called ecological pyramids or trophic pyramids.
  • File : Ecological Pyramid . svg | An energy pyramid is a presentation of the trophic levels in an ecosystem.
  • Ecological pyramids are graphical representations, along the lines of the diagram at the right, which show how process of photosynthesis.
  • An ecological pyramid is a graphical representation that shows, for a given ecosystem, the relationship between biomass or biological productivity and trophic levels.
  • :( Edit conflict ) There's also the ecological pyramid to consider : there's a * lot * of grass, rather fewer grass-eaters, and even fewer grass-eater-eaters.
  • Among marine animals, pesticide concentrations are higher in carnivorous fishes, and even more so in the fish-eating birds and mammals at the top of the ecological pyramid.
  • Wolves dominated those landscapes throughout most of history, occupying the summit of the ecological pyramid until recently, when they were shot, trapped and poisoned nearly out of existence.
  • Fortunately, in order to save the high-profile animals, we pretty much have to save the entire ecological pyramid on which they are perched-so in the end, so long as people do the right thing, the reason is less important.
  • Besides being a home of more than 5000 rare medicinal herbs ( some hitherto-unidentified ), providing medicines for fatal diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, filarial, epilepsy, asthma, kidney and lever dysfunctions even AIDS, Gandhamardan serves as a wild life sanctuary for large number of rare species of birds and animals and there by donating its portions towards balancing the Global Ecological Pyramid.

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