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ecological range sentence in Hindi

"ecological range" meaning in Hindi
  • Ecological range extends from savanna and thorn scrub to tropical forest and montane forests.
  • It has a " broad ecological range ", occurring in many types of habitat.
  • The species has a broad ecological range, having been found at the tree line in the Rocky Mountains.
  • It extends the ecological range of both partners but is not always obligatory for their growth and reproduction in natural environments, since many of the algal symbionts can live independently.
  • "Ophioglossum lusitanicum " subsp . " coriaceum " has a much broader ecological range in southern Australia, where habitats include damp open sites; from coast meadows to alpine grassland ..
  • These are quite morphologically variable plants, often with wide geographical and ecological ranges, which has resulted in a great deal of taxonomic confusion and an unusually large number of synonyms and invalid names ( see the taxon box ).

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