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ecological risk assessment sentence in Hindi

"ecological risk assessment" meaning in Hindi
  • Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 10 : 1099-1116.
  • Ecological risk assessment aims to source of contamination to exposure to a toxicity endpoint.
  • Zoologists need special methods to study cryptic animals, including biotelemetry techniques such as ecological risk assessment.
  • Tissue residue may also allow provide a link between ecological risk assessment and human health risk assessment.
  • Successful ecological risk assessments are all alike; every unsuccessful ecological risk assessment fails in its own way.
  • Successful ecological risk assessments are all alike; every unsuccessful ecological risk assessment fails in its own way.
  • A final peer review panel looking over the EPA's ecological risk assessment of the river is set to work today and Friday.
  • These results indicate that whole-body concentrations of metals in fish may be useful for Environmental Quality Guidelines, forensic evaluation, and ecological risk assessment.
  • Failure on even one of these aspects, and the marriage is doomed . . . the Anna Karenina principle also applies to ecological risk assessments involving multiple stressors.
  • In ecological risk assessments ( Figure 8 ), through a network model we can identify the keystone species and determine how widespread the impacts will extend from the potential hazards being investigated.
  • The Human & Ecological Risk Assessment Journal conducted a study which focused on the health of individuals living near municipal landfills to see if it would be as harmful as living near hazardous landfills.
  • Analysis presented in the international Journal, " Human and Ecological Risk Assessment " found that coal, oil, Liquid petroleum gas and hydroelectric accidents ( primarily due to the Banqiao dam burst ) have resulted in greater economic impacts than nuclear power accidents.
  • Scientific knowledge accumulated by the museum serves various public activities, and influences policy makers in areas such as rivers rehabilitation, sustainable utilization of marine resources, fishing policy planning, bio-monitoring, ecological risk assessment, pests control, import and export of agricultural products, biological control, open landscape planning, aviation safety, and health.
  • Due to this error, fishery management models and ecological risk assessment models in use around the world were underestimating both the longevity and the age at sexual maturity in shortfin mako sharks, particularly in females, by two-thirds or more ( i . e . 6 years versus 18 + years ), and some of these inaccurate models remain in use.

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