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English-Hindi > elbow through

elbow through meaning in Hindi

elbow through sentence in Hindi
धकियाते हुये निकालना
elbow    कोना कोहनी मोड़
through    के पार आद्यन्त
1.The deal was cancelled after Wynn accidentally put his elbow through the canvas.

2.For example, it is sometimes possible to compress the nerve on the outside of the elbow through flexion.

3.Some Haitians said they had not eaten for days . Two women said they were not big enough to elbow through the crowds for food.

4.On the previous series, Hilgenberg had thrown an elbow through Csonka's facemask, cutting Csonka above the eye, but had not been penalized.

5."I think we're a lot healthier now, " said quarterback Stan Humphries, who dragged his battered left elbow through that game.

6.Great if you like catching maybe one swing a hole as you stretch as high as you can on tiptoes or elbow through a wall of people standing shoulder to shoulder.

7.It's easy to conclude, after watching Kobe Bryant drag a wrenched right shoulder through December and January, an achy left elbow through February and two mangled ankles through March and April that the kid can take anything.

8.:: It wasn't at a museum, but last year an art collector poked his elbow through a Picasso painting that he'd just agreed to sell for $ 139, 000, 000 ( US ).

9.For one reason or another, lunchtime for me was around 3 p . m . The press of local lawyers, salesmen and neighborhood shopkeepers had thinned out by then and it was easier to elbow through to the zinc-topped bar.

10.Just days before the painting was to be transported to Cohen, Wynn, who suffers from poor vision due to retinitis pigmentosa, accidentally thrust his elbow through the painting while showing it to a group of acquaintances inside of his office at Wynn Las Vegas.

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