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English-Hindi > enamel paint

enamel paint meaning in Hindi

enamel paint sentence in Hindi

आकाच रोगन
enamel    एनामेल पेंट
paint    रंगलेप लेप ग़ाज़ा
1.All external metal surfaces are coated with a glossy black enamel paint.

2.Then they are painted using commercial enamel paint mixed with a slip.

3.Some enamel paints have been made by adding varnish to oil-based paint.

4.In the UK enamel paint is a different kind of paint.

5.His enamel paints are still the basis for ceramic paints today.

6.Eastwood works in monochrome by applying enamel paint to board in thin layers.

7.The 50ml enamel paint tins and spray paints are still available.

8.:I suspect it will just be a layer of enamel paint.

9.Some " enamel paints " are now produced specifically for artists.

10.Then dry and paint with a good quality enamel paint.

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