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English-Hindi > enamel painting

enamel painting meaning in Hindi

enamel painting sentence in Hindi

आकाच चित्रण
इनेमल चित्रण
enamel    एनामेल पेंट
painting    चित्रकला
1.He plays with geometrical forms in his enamel paintings on aluminum panels.

2.Also, pubs complained that murals became worn and dirty; vitreous-enamel painting lasted indefinitely.

3.Hesling said :'I do use unusual methods in vitreous enamel painting on metal, but I'm not breaking new ground.

4.He was attracted by the Adelaide Festival and easy access to facilities for firing his vitreous enamel paintings on steel plates.

5.He does not appear to have done much in enamel painting, but confined himself almost exclusively to sacred, classic, and domestic subjects.

6.Martin van Meytens studied enamel painting with Boit in Paris in 1717 and later became a successful painter to the imperial court in Vienna.

7.On completing his apprenticeship Grimaldi started life as a miniature-painter, working only in water-colours up to 1785, when he made some essays in enamel painting.

8.Pollock is represented with " Number 18, 1951, " one of his black enamel paintings that marked a shift from his " drip " creations of 1947-50.

9.There were vaguely Cubist-like compositions, such as the close up of a " Eccentric Scientist " ( 1964 ), an enamel painting based on comic book imagery.

10.Enamel painting was applied over the fired glazes, to be refired at lower temperature, and at Vincennes the refinement of its techniques began to approach that of miniatures.

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