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English-Hindi > endowment policy

endowment policy meaning in Hindi

endowment policy sentence in Hindi
स्थायी निधि योजना

बंदोबस्ती पॉलिसी
endowment    धर्मस्व धर्मादा
policy    चतुराई नीति
1.The with profits endowment policy was sold alongside an interest only mortgage.

2.The surrender value of any life assurance or endowment policies is ignored.

3.Recently, she has analyzed universities'endowment policies and the economics of online higher education.

4.This practice has created a thriving industry of endowment policy buyers.

5.In the past the endowment policy was often taken as an additional security by the lender.

6.Assets in this category are cash, fixed deposits, EPF investments and insurance / endowment policies with cash returns.

7.Also, new businesses declined, with whole life and endowment policies declining 14.2 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

8.He has also taken up an Endowment Policy where the end cash value in 15 years is RM34, 000.

9.Now, many companies offer to buy the with profits endowment policy from the holder for more than the surrender value.

10.Traded Endowment Specialists are companies that deal exclusively with Second Hand Endowment Policies and obtain offers from the entire market.

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