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English-Hindi > engineering design

engineering design meaning in Hindi

engineering design sentence in Hindi

engineering    इंजीनियरी
design    भांति अभिकल्पना
1.Head of the Engineering Design Bureau of the Politically rehabilitated after death.

2.It also have post graduate courses in Engineering design and power electronics.

3.Ergonomics, in fact, is the first cornerstone in the Recaro engineering design.

4.Greene Engineers Engineering design house9 . ICG SystemsInternet / Intranet applications 10.

5.They were designed with the aid of low-speed aerodynamic engineering design principles.

6.Also found there is his engineering design for a snorkel and submarine.

7.DOHWA is one of the largest engineering design firms in South Korea.

8.These include compounding, physical testing, engineering design tyre testing and analytical services.

9.Much engineering design is based on the assumption that materials behave elastically.

10.Some courses offered to freshmen include Conceptual Physics and Introduction to Engineering Design.

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