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English-Hindi > entry block

entry block meaning in Hindi

entry block sentence in Hindi

प्रविष्टि खंडक
entry    पैठ प्रतियोगी
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
1.The ouvrage consists of one entry block at an altitude of.

2.The ouvrage consists of two entry blocks at an altitude of.

3.The ouvrage consists of one entry block and one infantry block facing Italy.

4.A separate entry block was planned, adjacent to the Villy Est casemate.

5.It consists of a central tetrastyle portico entry block flanked by four wings.

6.This tree is rooted at the entry block.

7.Entry to the house is via timed ticket in 30-minute entry blocks.

8.The ouvrage consists of one entry block, two infantry blocks and one observation block.

9.The ouvrage consists of one entry block, one infantry block and one observation block.

10.The position consists of two entry blocks.

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