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English-Hindi > epithermal neutron

epithermal neutron meaning in Hindi

epithermal neutron sentence in Hindi

• अधितापीय न्यूट्रान
epithermal    अधितापीय अधितापीय
neutron    न्यूट्रान निरावेश
1.The primary science instrument will be a epithermal neutrons.

2.Uranium-238, which forms the bulk of the uranium in the reactor, is much more likely to absorb fast or epithermal neutrons at higher temperatures.

3.A suitable detector, positioned at a certain distance from the source, can measure either epithermal neutron population, thermal neutron population, or the gamma rays emitted after the absorption.

4.Since both tumor and surrounding normal tissues are present in the radiation field, even with an ideal epithermal neutron beam, there will be an unavoidable, nonspecific background dose, consisting of both high and low LET radiation.

5.Theoretical models of water-equivalent hydrogen ( WEH ) from epithermal neutrons detected by the Mars Odyssey Neutron Spectrometer ( MONS ) instrument suggest that the regolith just below the surface on Alba's northern flank may contain 7.6 % WEH by mass.

6.Ratios of capture reactions to fission reactions are also worse ( more captures without fission ) in most nuclear fuels such as plutonium-239, making epithermal-spectrum reactors using these fuels less desirable, as captures not only waste the one neutron captured but also usually result in a nuclide that is not fissile with thermal or epithermal neutrons, though still fissionable with fast neutrons.

7.LWRs have less effect from thermal expansion of fuel ( since much of the core is the neutron moderator ) but have strong negative feedback from Doppler broadening ( which acts on thermal and epithermal neutrons, not fast neutrons ) and negative void coefficient from boiling of the water moderator / coolant; the less dense steam returns fewer and less-thermalized neutrons to the fuel, which are more likely to be captured by U-238 than induce fissions.

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