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English-Hindi > escape valve

escape valve meaning in Hindi

escape valve sentence in Hindi
एस्केप वॉल्व

अतिवाही वाल्व
निकास वाल्व
escape    निकास निस्तार
valve    द्वार वाल्व कपाट
1.The town was a complete hallucination, an escape valve for his companionship.

2.And when the escape valve malfunctions, the blood leaks out too quickly.

3.Music teacher Steve Geyer calls it " an escape valve ."

4.Sociologists say fans clubs are an escape valve for many youths.

5.Most Sea-Dweller watches incorporate a helium escape valve for saturation diving.

6."Maybe not having this escape valve will be our salvation, " she said.

7.Republicans have called vouchers an " escape valve " for children in low-scoring schools.

8.Refinancing is " a short-term escape valve " from high debt levels, Azarchs said.

9.He describes neurodiversity as a " tempting escape valve ".

10.Legal and illegal immigration are also very different escape valves.

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a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler); it opens automatically when the pressure reaches a dangerous level
Synonyms: safety valve, relief valve, escape cock, escape,

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