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English-Hindi > escape wheel

escape wheel meaning in Hindi

escape wheel sentence in Hindi
पलायन चक्र

मोचन पहिया
escape    निकास निस्तार
wheel    घिरनी चक्कर चक्कर
1.The Riefler escape wheel and pallets are of a special design.

2.Pallet jewels are on the pallet fork and interact with the escape wheel.

3.Another reason the escape wheel teeth are slanted backward is as a safety measure.

4.At rest one of the escape wheel teeth will be locked against a pallet.

5.The escape wheel tooth then imparts its energy on a second roller on the balance staff.

6.It consisted of a pair of escape wheels on the same axle, with alternating radial teeth.

7.When the pallet is pushing the escape wheel backwards it is also being driven hard against its stop.

8.Since the escape wheel turns in only one direction, the balance receives impulse in only one direction.

9.This causes considerable wear on the lubrication over time and may cause wear on the pallet or escape wheel.

10.Another later refinement added by Breguet was the reduction in size of the second ( driven ) escape wheel.

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gear that engages a rocking lever

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