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English-Hindi > escaped convict

escaped convict meaning in Hindi

escaped convict sentence in Hindi

निकल भागा सिद्धदोष
escaped    फरार
convict    सिद्धदोषी अपराधी
1.Following his murder by escaped convicts in 1834, the estate was subdivided.

2.Police blamed criminal gangs and escaped convicts for the upsurge in violence.

3."It's difficult to explain because there were 20 ( escaped convicts ),"

4.There remain 29 escaped convicts at large from prison breaks last year.

5.Creatures that resemble rocks, which brought to earth by an escaped convict.

6.Common criminals and escaped convicts are at the head of the movement,

7.Jack accidentally killed escaped convict Harper when he tried to kill Steve.

8.Authorities will be putting up posters with photos of escaped convicts, he said.

9.So far, only six of the escaped convicts have been recaptured.

10.He did, however, encounter a group of escaped convicts marooned on an island.

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