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English-Hindi > exhaustive search

exhaustive search meaning in Hindi

exhaustive search sentence in Hindi

विशद संधान
exhaustive    निश्शेष रेचकीय
search    अन्वेषण फिराक खोज
1.I gave up my exhaustive search and turned instead to my mirror.

2.Unsatisfiability of the complete formula can only be detected after exhaustive search.

3.The cache was discovered as part of an exhaustive search for weapons.

4.After a more exhaustive search I found : Template : Cite podcast.

5.I have done an exhaustive search myself and turned up absolutely nothing.

6.This transformation precludes the need to perform an exhaustive search over scale.

7.The roots of the error location polynomial can be found by exhaustive search.

8.But it appears there will be an exhaustive search for " excellence ."

9.Visitors to the prison are subjected to exhaustive searches before entering.

10.But after an exhaustive search, this committee finally has a chairman.

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