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English-Hindi > expected value

expected value meaning in Hindi

expected value sentence in Hindi

प्रत्याशित मान
संभावित मान
expected    प्रत्याशित
value    अहमियत मान्यताएँ
1.Under this null hypothesis, the expected value of will be zero if

2.Therefore, the expected value of following a certain religion could be negative.

3.Then we maximize the expected value of a concave expected utility function.

4.They compared this expected value to the measured travel time . }}

5.In the language of probability theory, the rNPV is the expected value.

6.Is there a mathematical reason to maximize expected value in this case?

7.Risk is often measured as the expected value of an undesirable outcome.

8.MI is the expected value of the pointwise mutual information ( PMI ).

9.I get 7.38 for the expected value of p = 1 / 6.

10.The linear regression model can be used to estimate expected value.

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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values
Synonyms: arithmetic mean, first moment, expectation,

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