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English-Hindi > export house

export house meaning in Hindi

export house sentence in Hindi

• निर्यात प्रतिष्ठान
export    दूसरे देश के लिये
house    परिवार प्रतिष्ठान
1.Amy Lew, a part-time worker at an export house, also was optimistic.

2.MSPL Limited holds the status of being a three star export house.

3.The Government of India also awarded it with'Three Star Export House'status.

4.In the year 2006, company was acknowledged with one star export house status.

5.In 1976 British American Tobacco moved into Export House Tower.

6.The coyote sells the coffee to a larger coyote, who resells it to an export house.

7.It is ( Export House ) pretty much, if not the, tallest building around the area-Guilford for example.

8.Still, Export House is the 6th tallest building in Surrey-That's got to be notable for something, Hasn't it !?

9.A semi-cross section view of Export House from Guildford Road in the town centre by the major railway station hub.

10.In 2009, Mouchel Group PLC moved from West Hall in nearby West Byfleet into Export House, along with Mustang Engineering.

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