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express terms sentence in Hindi

"express terms" meaning in Hindi
  • By its express terms, it applies to ?8 causes of action.
  • The Act by express terms authorizes the ICC to promulgate credit regulations.
  • Implied terms may supplement the express terms of the contract but cannot contradict them.
  • Stuart-Smith LJ held that an implied term in law can prevail over an express term.
  • In express terms, Congress has directed Federal courts to interpret Title VII based on agency principles.
  • You have in fact, and I may say in express term, committed his guilt to me ".
  • Rigid constitutions cannot be modified in their express terms, except through such processes the constitution itself ordains.
  • A contract may include an express term grant an express right for either or both parties to terminate.
  • The owner's deed conveyed the surface but in express terms reserved the right to remove all the coal.
  • First, when acting within constitutional limits, Congress is empowered to pre-empt state law by so stating in express terms.
  • Browne-Wilkinson VC said the implied term would circumscribe the scope of the express term, so that both coexist without conflict.
  • A waiver that changes the express terms of a contract can be established by evidence of a course of performance.
  • By the express terms of the contract the owner had a right to dismiss the captain abroad at any time.
  • The first is that any terms which the courts imply into a contract must be consistent with the express terms.
  • Additionally, security documents will usually include express terms that a default by the person granting the security will trigger crystallisation.
  • "When the Legislature has intended to refer to foreign countries, it has done so in express terms, " the court said.
  • For contracts that are made entirely by oral agreement, a statement will be an express term if it is promissory in nature.
  • Like all terms implied by courts, customs can be excluded by express terms or not if they are inconsistent with a contract's nature.
  • While not adopting the argument in express terms, the court indicates tacit approval of it by refusing to reject it in a forthright manner.
  • The judge found that the only relevant express term in the supply agreement was that the carbon dioxide would conform with British Standard 4105.
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