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English-Hindi > express terms

express terms meaning in Hindi

express terms sentence in Hindi

• अभिव्यक्त निबंधन
• स्पष्ट निबंधन
express    सु एक्सप्रेस अभि
terms    शब्दावली शर्तें
1.By its express terms, it applies to ?8 causes of action.

2.The Act by express terms authorizes the ICC to promulgate credit regulations.

3.Implied terms may supplement the express terms of the contract but cannot contradict them.

4.Stuart-Smith LJ held that an implied term in law can prevail over an express term.

5.In express terms, Congress has directed Federal courts to interpret Title VII based on agency principles.

6.You have in fact, and I may say in express term, committed his guilt to me ".

7.Rigid constitutions cannot be modified in their express terms, except through such processes the constitution itself ordains.

8.A contract may include an express term grant an express right for either or both parties to terminate.

9.The owner's deed conveyed the surface but in express terms reserved the right to remove all the coal.

10.First, when acting within constitutional limits, Congress is empowered to pre-empt state law by so stating in express terms.

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