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English-Hindi > extraction column

extraction column meaning in Hindi

extraction column sentence in Hindi

निष्कर्षण स्तंभ
extraction    निचोड़ निष्कर्ष
column    खम्भा दंड पंक्ति
1.But, because of radioactivity, and frequent maintenance required for mechanical agitators, pulsing is used in extraction columns.

2.Further fractionation of the extract can be achieved using solid phase extraction columns, and may lead to isolation of individual compounds.

3.However, if a direct " catcher " gold foil is used, the process is complicated by the need to separate out the gold using anion-exchange chromatography before isolating the nobelium by elution from chromatographic extraction columns using HDEHP.

4.The lipids were fractionated on a solid-phase extraction column and the neutral lipids, free fatty acids and other materials discarded and the phospholipid phase then dried, prior esterification to form the fatty acid methyl esters ( FAMEs ) to make them suitable for analysis.

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