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English-Hindi > eye lash

eye lash meaning in Hindi

eye lash sentence in Hindi

• पक्ष्म
eye    फंदा आँख लक्ष्य
lash    कोड़ा मारना कोड़ा
1.Items now allowed include nail clippers, safety razors, tweezers and eye lash curlers.

2.Put castor oil on your left eye lashes-and don't put any more on your right eyelashes.

3.What about my eyebrows and eye lashes?

4.The selection was bleak : eye lash groomer, Clinique scruffing lotion, yo yo, Filofax map of Philadelphia.

5.Steinheimer helps Fugate apply make-up, brushing her eye lashes with mascara and painting her lips a glossy pink.

6._Shiseido's eye lash curler.

7.And a print ad for a mascara meant to thicken eye lashes asserts, " Even your hair will be jealous ."

8.For Msongo, blindness came early _ a result of successive infections that retracted the inner eyelid, causing the in-turning of the eye lashes so they scratch the cornea.

9.It shows the Drosophilia's ( Fruit Fly ) compound eye and its " eye lashes . " Since it has no eye lids, the hairs sweep the eye, clean it, then fall off.

10."Is it real ? " customers often excitedly ask Horne and Taylor as they examine what are described as George Washington's false eye lashes, the fragile-looking black prostheses propped up on two small pieces of wood.

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