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face amount sentence in Hindi

"face amount" meaning in Hindiface amount in a sentence
  • The bond's price rose 265 yen per 50, 000 yen face amount.
  • The bond's price rose 365 yen per 50, 000 yen face amount.
  • In that event the policy owner receives the face amount in cash.
  • The face amount would be deducted from the customer's bank account.
  • The price rose 104 yen per 50, 000 yen face amount.
  • The death benefit of a whole life policy is normally the stated face amount.
  • He eventually acquired control of $ 630 million in face amount of the bond issue.
  • It offered to pay the full face amount and all accrued interest, plus legal fees.
  • You'll pay the face amount and no sales commission.
  • It raised another $ 34 million by selling $ 200 million face amount of 40-year bonds.
  • When the bonds declined in value, Rail Joint repurchased them for less than their face amount.
  • The bonds are callable on May 1, 1999, at $ 103 per $ 100 face amount.
  • The bond's price rose 0.28 percentage point, or 140 yen per 50, 000 yen face amount.
  • So the option face amount needs to be altered to take the extra interest into account.
  • Regulators must decide whether the securities will be reported at face amount or as the inflation-adjusted principal.
  • In the past three months, Hilton bought about $ 34 million face amount of Claridge's outstanding bonds.
  • He recommended a five-or 10-year level term policy with a face amount equal to the couple's debt.
  • A : No . The merchant can only seek to recover the face amount of the check.
  • The bank is " discounting " the note by paying less than the $ 1100 face amount.
  • For example, Venezuelan fixed-rate Brady bonds carry collateral worth about $ 0.30 per $ 1 face amount.
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