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face angle sentence in Hindi

"face angle" meaning in Hindiface angle in a sentence
  • There are three primary variables in blade design : curve, face angle, and toe.
  • In a trirectangular tetrahedron the three face angles at one vertex are right angles.
  • Strong tie bars extend from the face angle on the transverses to the tank top plating.
  • You'll notice a club face angle difference.
  • This triangle has a face angle of 51.854?( 51?1'), very close to the 51.827?of the Kepler triangle.
  • The center field wall included a 90-degree, inward facing angle, reminiscent of the old Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC.
  • A dihedral angle ( also called the face angle ) is the internal angle at which two adjacent faces meet.
  • Even after casting Ms . Goldberg as a dreadlocked alien among ruddy-faced Angles, Disney passes on mining that racial vein.
  • Variations include face angle, face length, back angle, gullet width and depth, and a frost notch ( if necessary ).
  • Cameras, at times showing dizzying, in-your-face angles, were on the field during play and in the locker room at halftime.
  • Sleeve insignia are on upper arms, and form two open opposite faced angles, showing ( by points ) upwards and downwards.
  • Abyss faced Angle in a rematch on the following " Impact ! ", this time in a Six Sides of Steel match.
  • And, having apologized, Garza died with his face angled toward the Catholic priest he had asked to be his only personal witness.
  • The ads are the work of New York-based GoGorilla, one of a new breed of so-called guerrilla marketers who work the in-your-face angles.
  • Golf simulators need to present club speed, club path, club face angle at impact, ball speed, ball path, horizontal and vertical launch angle and spin.
  • He still has his face angled away, but he finally turns to her, showing a shocked Beth his vampire visage and telling her what he is.
  • The outward facing angled thread bearing surface, when acted on by the load force, also applies a radial ( outward ) force to the nut, causing tensile stress.
  • The closed type are further divided into redoubts, that only have outward-facing angles, and " star schanzen " ( " Sternschanzen " ) with alternating inward and outward facing corners.
  • Face angle is the angle between the ice surface and the front surface of the blade ( this characteristic is comparable to the difference between the different irons in golf ).
  • On 8 May 2016, " General Bollocks " Kenny Williams announced at the ICW Fight Club taping at Big Damo to earn the right to face Angle at Fear & Loathing IX.
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