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English-Hindi > face brick

face brick meaning in Hindi

face brick sentence in Hindi

face    फलक सीरा अग्रभाग
brick    खिलौना रोड़ा ईंट
1.Upon its completion in 1832, it was Dayton's first stone-faced brick residence.

2.It is also used as a general facing brick for decorative reasons.

3.The toilet block is constructed of face brick with a skillion roof.

4.The rear wall of the sanctuary is face brick to parapet height.

5.Two face brick chimneys project symmetrically from the roof over the entrance wing.

6.The toilets and garage are the same face brick as the main building.

7.It is separated from the church by a face brick balustrade.

8.Its southern wall is face brick, while the remainder are plastered.

9.The classroom interiors were rendered and the face brick corridors are now painted.

10.In 1898 the exterior walls, which were probably face brick work, were rendered.

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