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English-Hindi > face card

face card meaning in Hindi

face card sentence in Hindi
ताश का चित्र वाला पत्ता
face    फलक सीरा अग्रभाग
card    टिकट व्यवसाय
1.These names are references to the face cards of English playing cards.

2.Each suit contains three face cards  the jack, queen, and king.

3.Only 10s, face cards and aces-- the desired cards in blackjack-- were marked.

4."He's not even a face card, he's a seven in the deck ."

5.Face cards are animated, just like on the machines in Vegas.

6.Remember that unplayed face cards count as part of the hand.

7.Face cards ( kings, queens, and jacks ) are counted as ten points.

8.The face card is taken and another card is discarded.

9.As before, a small number of blank-faced cards are included.

10.The cards include lords, ladies, villians and jesters instead of the traditional face cards.

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one of the twelve cards in a deck bearing a picture of a face
Synonyms: picture card, court card,

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