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face climbing sentence in Hindi

"face climbing" meaning in Hindiface climbing in a sentence
  • All are bolt-protected face climbing on highly featured rock.
  • Face climbing is the predominant technique, typically using bolts and cracks for protection, but there are many notable crack climbs as well.
  • A Wellesley, Mass . native who lives in Jackson, N . H ., Synnott is a member of The North Face climbing team.
  • It is utterly unremarkable and does not belong in an encyclopedia, but if this is a trend, maybe I will someday write a fluffy article about the hardships he faced climbing up the ladder, sacrificing whatever it was he did . ""
  • That is, if they first survive the deadly crevasses, unpredictable ava lanches, sub-zero wind storms, and disorienting altitude sickness that are all part of the dangers you face climbing up 29, 028 feet to the top of the world's tallest mountain.
  • Rock climbers use microporous tape to wrap their hands in'tape gloves', a means of protecting the skin from rock abrasion when jamming hands into cracks as a means of ascent ( crack climbing, as opposed to face climbing-gripping holds on the face of the rock ).
  • Camp Cory's facilities are expansive, including three waterfronts ( one for swimming, one for sailing, and one for canoeing & kayaking ), a three faced climbing wall with a zip-line, an archery range, an outdoor amphitheatre, tennis courts, open fields for athletics, and outdoor basketball courts.

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