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English-Hindi > face sheet

face sheet meaning in Hindi

face sheet sentence in Hindi

अभिज्ञान पृष्‍ठ
मुख पत्रक
face    फलक सीरा अग्रभाग
sheet    जहाज के मस्तूल की
1.In this process the material for the core and face sheet is the same.

2.There is also a risk of melting the face sheets.

3.For in-situ bonded face sheets the core is closed-cell foam.

4.A foamable precursor is expanded between two face sheets.

5.It is a " honeycomb core surrounded by a carbon fiber face sheet plies ."

6.This sandwich-compact assembly goes through several rolling steps to attain desired precursor and face sheet thickness.

7.Face sheets are chosen from a variety of aluminium alloy, and other metals such as steel.

8.The outer structure was made of stainless steel brazed honeycomb brazed between steel alloy face sheets.

9.When the liquid foam comes in contact with the solid face sheets a metallic bond is established.

10.The last time the Angels faced Sheets was the final spring-training game in Arizona on March 28.

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