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face shield sentence in Hindi

"face shield" meaning in Hindiface shield in a sentence
  • Yzerman, who doesn't wear a face shield, immediately dropped to the ice.
  • I couldn't close the face shield because I got so claustrophic ."
  • A police helmet with a face shield was covering his face.
  • He played the remainder of the game with a face shield.
  • Police donned gas masks and face shields while protecting the building.
  • The front facing shield helps to mitigate damage from incoming attacks.
  • Helmets with face shields that cover the entire head are essential.
  • Straka will rejoin the team after he becomes comfortable wearing a face shield.
  • Players will wear a face shield with a target on it.
  • Florie rejects the idea of wearing a face shield like hockey players do.
  • The incident has prompted a renewed debate about face shields.
  • Protective aprons, safety boots and face shields were no longer stocked and readily available.
  • Then the buzzard that had been lodged in my broken face shield slipped down.
  • When he does, he will be wearing a face shield, although not by choice.
  • Class D is a work uniform with a face shield, respirator, apron, and gloves.
  • I saw this strange respirator / face shield combo.
  • Guys passed me and it felt like they were throwing bricks at my face shield.
  • Barriers available include pocket masks and keyring-sized face shields.
  • He returned five games later wearing a full-length face shield, but didn't last the first period.
  • Some wearing dark-green helmets with plastic face shields took up posts in front of the building.
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