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face the music sentence in Hindi

"face the music" meaning in Hindiface the music in a sentence
  • So what are record companies doing to " face the music "?
  • She's going to come out, face the music and grow from it.
  • Thingee also appeared in celebrity editions of Face the Music in 1992.
  • And if I have to face the music, I guess I will.
  • "Facing the Music " often feels like two movies loosely sewn together.
  • It was released on their 1975 " Face the Music " album.
  • Like they are afraid to come out and face the music.
  • I have to face the music at some time . " . ..
  • So I figured I'd come out and face the music ."
  • At some point, Bush will have to face the music and the questions.
  • Evans, an affable Texas oilman, heads down to face the music.
  • Naturally he has to return to the other world to face the music.
  • He has published a poetry collection, " Facing the Music ".
  • The Knicks'other top picks will have to face the music later.
  • A video was produced for the first single " Face the Music ".
  • A keep failure to face the music is still evident throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Kurt Masur was facing the music, and sweet music it was.
  • No one wants to face the music : The county is losing people.
  • Owners of premises to face the music too, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT
  • Yes, to stay on earth among us to face the music.
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