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English-Hindi > face the music

face the music meaning in Hindi

face the music sentence in Hindi
किये का परिणाम भुगतना
face    फलक सीरा अग्रभाग
the    वही यह वह वही वह
music    लय संगीत सुर
1.So what are record companies doing to " face the music "?

2.She's going to come out, face the music and grow from it.

3.Thingee also appeared in celebrity editions of Face the Music in 1992.

4.And if I have to face the music, I guess I will.

5."Facing the Music " often feels like two movies loosely sewn together.

6.It was released on their 1975 " Face the Music " album.

7.Like they are afraid to come out and face the music.

8.I have to face the music at some time . " . ..

9.So I figured I'd come out and face the music ."

10.At some point, Bush will have to face the music and the questions.

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accept the unpleasant consequences of one''s actions
Synonyms: carry-the can,

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