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face validity sentence in Hindi

"face validity" meaning in Hindiface validity in a sentence
  • Also, it had good face validity, and normative data is available.
  • Face validity is very closely related to content validity.
  • If an expert is asked instead, some people would argue that this does not measure face validity.
  • Indeed, face validity is always employed.
  • You believe that it has face validity; you want to know whether it has content validity and construct validity.
  • Test items typically do not match the tasks students face in the classroom ( they lack face validity ).
  • Everyday observation of the association of one idea or memory with another gives a face validity to the notion.
  • Content validation ( also called face validity ) checks how well the scale measures what is supposed to measured.
  • There is evidence for the face validity of the EQ from the method by which the measure was created.
  • These examples have a certain face validity, because competition is less intense in government than in the private sector.
  • The early stigmata of disease, drusen, are rich in cholesterol, offering face validity to the results of genome-wide association studies.
  • Thus, the article was kept because there was a combination of external verification AND apple pie face validity of the phenomenon.
  • :" Face validity " : The model of service quality has its roots in the expectancy-disconfimation paradigm that informs customer satisfaction.
  • As a psychometric scale, the Riddle scale has been considered to have acceptable face validity but its exact psychometric properties are unknown.
  • When there is peer reviewed research, convergent face validity is the standard by which the article is judged to accurately reflect that research.
  • Although " role " has become bothersome,  ascription and achievement have such strong face validity that they are rarely challenged or examined.
  • Generally, face validity means that the test " looks like " it will work, as opposed to " has been shown to work ".
  • Additionally, the estimate's of media bias do not comport with more direct measures of media bias derived from computational text analysis or sometimes face validity.
  • Some people use the term face validity to refer only to the validity of a test to observers who are not expert in testing methodologies.
  • Interestingly, Safren and colleagues found that the relationship between social interactional anxiety and performance anxiety in their studies, showed high face validity but lacked construct validity.
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