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English-Hindi > facial line

facial line meaning in Hindi

facial line sentence in Hindi

• आनन रेखा
facial    फ़ेशियल आनन आनन
line    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
1._Get a haircut _ a good one can draw attention away from facial lines.

2.In my case, that meant drooping eyelids, dark under-eye circles, deep facial lines, sagging jowls.

3.For his ABC appearance, Jackson made sure the studio lighting softened any facial lines that might be visible.

4.It is extracted out of hips and buttocks so it can be reinjected into facial lines, depressions and lips.

5.McCready always tries to please his clients, even removing an extra chin or a facial line if the client asks.

6.If looking your best for New Year's includes trying to eliminate fine facial lines, you might want to consider David McAllister's invention.

7.There were bottles of primordiale visibly revitalizing solution, jars of resilience elastin refirming creme, and there was something called intense facial line distressor.

8.But the master's sense of humor alters the perspective, breaking through the patrician sternness of facial line that he tends to adopt in photographs.

9.Botox helps reduce facial lines known as " dynamic " wrinkles _ those etched into the face by years of frowning, smiling, eyebrow-raising or just generally emoting.

10.Men who have extremely sensitive skin or special skin problems beyond just tiny facial lines, may want to see a dermatologist about what products might help their condition.

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