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English-Hindi > facilities management

facilities management meaning in Hindi

facilities management sentence in Hindi

सुविधा प्रबंध
facilities    सामग्री सामान
management    कपट चालाकी छल नीति
1.Mississippi, USA : Mississippi Army National Guard Construction and Facilities Management Office.

2.The first year is an introduction to ( international ) Facility management.

3.It provides infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property management, energy and healthcare services.

4.Previous Octavian initiatives have included recruitment, property, entertainment, consultancy and facilities management.

5.Women were in charge of facilities management, public relations and human resources.

6.Increasingly members come from a non-engineering background, many with facilities management experience.

7.Then in October 2013 the company sold its facilities management business to Carillion.

8.In 2010, Mitie acquired the integrated facilities management business of Dalkia in Ireland.

9.The company offers advice, design, construction, equipment and facilities management services for infrastructure.

10.He discounted the idea of setting up a facilities management company.

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