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English-Hindi > facility cost

facility cost meaning in Hindi

facility cost sentence in Hindi

सुविधा लागत
facility    आसानी कौशल तेजी
cost    क़ीमत चुकानी
1.The facility cost $ 15 million, which also included the Bayswater facility.

2.Both are free, though parking at the new facility costs $ 12.

3.The facility cost $ 9.5 million, and debuted for the 2013 season.

4.The building is not so expensive, but the facilities cost money.

5.The facility cost the company approximately US $ 100 million at the time.

6.The one million square-foot facility cost $ 450 million and employs 300 people.

7.The facility cost $ 8 million and can seat 700 patrons.

8.Personnel and facilities costs rose, offset by reductions in other spending.

9.The facility cost 70 million Norwegian krone and opened on 14 September 1954.

10.Construction of the facility cost 80 million Norwegian krone, including six radar stations.

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